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  • `Tryst with nature` at Lonavala,Lonavala

    I had been yearning to go to a place, where I could find peace and solace- a place in the countryside probably, where there are lush green places, fresh air full of oxygen to breathe… where one could be with nature all around.  The fast stressful urban life had taken a toll on my health - I wanted to go to a place where I could recuperate fast…

    We booked a block at a sanitarium at Lonavala. My mom, brother and a couple of my relatives accompanied me. By road Lonavala is around 92 kilometers from Mumbai.

    My eyes rejoiced to behold the mountain ranges over there attempting to touch the sky; feeling eternal bliss at the spectacle. Mornings were picturesque; the sun rose with a distinctive red halo around, and I could feel its powerful aura, despite being many light years away on Earth. I could also hear the meditative sound of chirping birds, making it a Good Morning, indeed.  

    Not only this, Lonavala is endowed with nature's gifts of valleys, hills, milky waterfalls, lush greenery and pleasant cool winds. The place is full of natural beauty. I’m too short of words to narrate the scenic beauty over there …

    Lonavala is in the Sahyadri ranges, 622 m. above sea level, dividing the Deccan Plateau and Konkan coast. It is a popular hill station particularly in the monsoon season, as the entire place becomes greener, this time of the year, making it a heavenly paradise on earth.  Though not in monsoon, I could visit this paradise in mid-March, and the weather was still quite good, and I could see greenery around.
    The name Lonavala has its origin in the Sanskrit word `lonavli`, which refer to the many caves like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa in the vicinity of Lonavala.  Lonavala was discovered in 1871 by Sir Elphinstone, the Governor of the Bombay Presidency. Present day Lonavala was a part of the Yadava empire. Later, the Mughals realized the strategic importance of the region and kept the region for an extended time. The forts in the region and the Mavla warriors played an important role in the history of the Maratha and Peshwa empires.

    Lonavala is famous all over the country for the  hard candy sweet known as `chikki`; I tasted it with gusto. The population of Lonavla is around 100,000 as per the latest statistics available. May I visit this place again, soon!!!

    07 Apr 2010Rajeev V

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