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    The World Is More Dangerous for Young People Today Than Ever. But They Are Fighting Back

    With the theme of this year's International Youth Day being "Youth civic engagement", it is important to take this opportunity to look at the various challenges and opportunities that face young people all over the world today. 
    The world is utterly hostile right now, nowhere more so than in Syria and its neighboring countries. There are currently 5.5 million children who have been affected by the Syrian conflict, most of whom enjoyed education before the civil war. Most now go without any school or education.
    Africa is becoming a cauldron for attacks on youth, with girls' rights being specifically targeted by militant groups. Boko Haram's campaign of terror against Western education is the most infamous because of its horrific and high-profile, large-scale attacks but right across the continent children are being denied their rights.
    The horror doesn't halt there. Children were bombed in Gaza, pupils were massacred in Pakistan, vulnerable young girls were trafficked out of Nepal when an earthquake struck. When 2015 was recently labeled the Year of Fear, it was for a reason.
    Former Uniked Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown, however, believes not all hope is lost for the youth in the future and it will be they who move the world towards a change that is sorely required. You can read his opinion here.

    August 2015

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